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3 November 1941 - Liquor Licences

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While following the Gwulo trail to the Chardhaven Hotel's liquor licence in 1938, I came across the last meeting of the Liquor Licencing Board on 4 November 1941.  The most poignant was a new application for "The Halfway House" 9 Taipo Road.  I have not yet found out if Charles Choy was granted a licence ...

For those who may not know, the literal translation of the Chinese for "hotel"- "jau dim (酒店)"  is "liquor shop".


3 November, 1941 (Liquor) Licencing Board Hong Kong  
Applicant Licence type Shop Name Location
Miss Roberta Marjorie Crerar Matheson Publican's License The Repulse Bay Hotel RBL 142
Aubrey Kieran Diamond " Hong Kong Hotel

3 Pedder Street &
21,25,27 Queen's Road Central

Derek Nickson " Peninsula Hotel KIL 1461 Salisbury Road
Edward Francis Gingle " Palace Hotel 43 and 44 Haiphong Road
Lai Hin Man " Kowloon Hotel 2 Hankow Road
Sviatoslav Nicholas Potouloff " Repulse Bay "Lido" RBL 368
Paul Chessex " Gloucester Hotel

5-15 Pedder Street 1st-8th Floors
16-18B Des Voeux Road Central 1st-8th floors,
9-11 Pedder Street

Albert Edward Bush " Hong Kong Bowling Alleys Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road (unnumbered house)
Miss Grace Ellis Publican's Licence without Bar "Chantecleer"

172, 174 and 176 nathan Road, G/Floors


Paul S. Lee " St. Francis Hotel (1933) Ltd 13A Queen's Road Central
Sotirios Pantazi Patara " Cafe Wiseman 14 Des Voeux Road Central (Front Portion Basement)
Chan Wai Chuen " Hotel Cecil, Ltd. Royal Building, 4 Chater Road G/ - 5th floors only
Thomas Spencer McKenna " Gingle's Annexe 70 nathan Road G/F
Robert Leigh " Red Lion Inn 15 Hangkow Road G/F
Simon Lau " Neptune 112 Gloucester Road G/F
Edward shuster " Blue Peter KIL 542 nathan Road
Frank Drapal " Imperial 367 Nathan Road G/F
Rusy Motabhoy Shroff " Jolly Roger 752 Nathan Road G/F
Yaqub Ali Khan " Embassy 156 & 148 Lockhard Road G/F
William Alfred Zimmern " The Black Dog 37 & 39 Hennessy Road G/F
E. P. Sammons " Gingles 64-65 Gloucester Road G/F
Tang Chi Kin " Cafe Windsor

King's Theatre Building 30 Queen's Road Central

1st & Mezz F

Emile Landau " Parisian Grill 10 Queen's Road Central G/F
Tsai Tung Ting " London Cafe 83 Lockhart Road G/F
Choi Cho Chiu " New York Cafe 54, 56 & 58 Lockhart Road G/F
F.M.L. Soares " Dixie Kitchen 62 & 63 Gloucester Road G/F
George Wong Hotel Keeper's Adjunct Licence Baron's Court 23 & 25 nathan Road
Chan Hon " Tung Shan Hotel 37, 38 & 39 Connaught Road West
Tsoi Kam Hang " Hotel Asia

126 & 127 connaught Road Central and
249, 251, & 253 Desvoeux Road Central
126 Connaught Road Central, 3rd & 4th / F

Ma Tau Nam " Empress Hotel

159 & 161 Connaught Road Central
317,319 and 321 DesVoeux road Central


Yu Tung Wai " Mee Chow Hotel

212-214A and 220-226 DesVoeux Road Central 1-4th F
216 and 218 Des Voeux Road Central, whole house

Wong hok Ting " The Sun Sun Hotel 363 nathan Road & 365 Nathand Road 4th Floor
Chan Cheuk Wan " The Great China Hotel

119 Connaught Road Central whole house,
120 connaught Road Central 1-4th floors

237-239 Des Voeux Road Central

Chan pak Shun " Hotel Nathan 372 to 378 Nathan Road
Cheng Man Pin " New Asia Hotel Ltd 206, 208, 210 Des voeux Rd. Central 1-5th f/
chan Chuck Yin " Luk Kok Hotel 67 to 77 Gloucester Road
Leo Leong " metropole hotel

10 Queen's Road Central 5th, 6th & 7th F/


Lung Wing Ming " Shan Kwong Hotel 1 Shan Kwong Road
Bunshiehi Kawahara Restaurant Adjunct Licence Kawahara Restaruant 41 peking Raod G/F
P. K. Leung " The Prince's Cafe 18A Queen's Road C. F/F
S. F. Shum " Canadian Confectionery & Bakery Co. 16 Queen's Road Central g/F
Leo landau " Jimmy's Kitchen 31J and 31K Queen's Road Central, G/F, China Building
Sam Shong Won " Kowloon confectionery Co. Branch KIL 2205 Nathan Road G/F and Cockloft
William Ponsonby Pullen " Jimmy's Kitchen 20 Hankow Road G/F
Andrew Peter Tkachenko " Tkachenko Restaurant 3 Hankow Road G/F
Hou Yu Hsui " Kwei Yuan 369 and 371 Nathan Road/ G/F
Pow Tak Men "   Kowloon Terminal Station KCR and all local trains
Ernest William Coulson " Soda Fountain Restaurant

Windsor House
12 Des Voeux Road C.
half Mezzanine floor

Charles Choy " The Halfway House 9 Taipo Road G/F (new application)