Chinese Lunatic Asylum / Victoria Mental Hospital [1891- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Chinese Lunatic Asylum / Victoria Mental Hospital [1891- ]

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In use
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c.1891-07-30 (Day is approximate)

The Chinese Lunatic Asylum opened in 1891, and had 16 beds, 8 for each sex. 

1894, the Hong Kong Government arranged with the authorities in Canton to accept transfers of Chinese patients to the John Kerr Refuge for the Insane in Fong Tsuen run by an American missionary.

In 1895, the European and Chinese Asylum's were merged.  For more details see Victoria Mental Hospital.

In 1961, the Victoria Mental Hospital was moved to Castle Peak.

This building is now used as a methadone clinic since.

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107.       Lunatic Asylum for Chinese.—This building situated in High Street occupies an area of 11,700 square feet, including an airing court of 5,650 square feet, was commenced in April, 1890, by Mr. YES RING under contract (13/90) and satisfactorily completed in July, 1891.

108.      The building is two stories in height in addition to a 7-foot basement and consists of 4 day rooms and 16 single cells, four of which are padded. Four rooms are provided for the attendants and office as well as the necessary servants' quarters, kitchen, bath and lavatory accommodation.

From Report of the Director of Public Works for 1891