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Lower Woodlands

An eye-catching villa named “Lower Woodlands” was erected on Inland Lot 426 in Castle Road in 1889.  This impressive complex was divided into two separate houses namely “Lower Woodland West” (IL 426 section A) and “Lower Woodland East” (IL 426 section B) (PN 01).[10]  Sir Robert Ho Tung (何東) was later to buy the whole site in the late 1890s, while his brother Ho Fook (何福) in association with an Indian merchant, Abdoolhoosen Abdollrahim Ebrahim, bought the property from Sir Robert in 1912 (10.6).5 [11]

Castle Road - 1901

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A photo of Lower Woodlands appears in Twentieth century impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai, and Other Treaty Ports of China:


Ho Kom Tong's address is given as "Lower Woodlands East" in the Conservation Study on Kom Tong Hall (refer to "The Castle", http://gwulo.com/node/5006) and "No. 7, Lower Castle Road" on Page 176 of Twentieth Century Impressions.  However if you looked at the 1901 map, the latter seems to refer to Lower Woodlands West instead of East.  Perhaps at some point he in fact had the whole house (i.e. both Nos. 5 and 7) to himself?