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Harry HYNDMAN [????-????]


Would anyone know about a Harry Hyndman during 1946.  His name is mentioned in HK Sunday Herald of 8th September, 1946.  He was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for activities during the war !  He worked at the Hongkong Shanghai Bank.

I am a  Hyndmans but my records show no Harry (or Henry).  He was said to be 55 at the time.

I am trying to find out if he was from my family and where he fits in.


Have you tried contacting the archivist at HSBC? Maybe they would know something about this?

Did you also see the reports of his testimony in the China Mail on 1946-09-04 and 1946-09-05?

Regards, David

Was just looking at old photos and remembered this site. Belz, are you still on here?

You can contact me on belzm@aol.com.  

I'm not sure if this thread is still active. Sorry I had not discovered it before now.

I am the grandson of PJ Lobo and Branca Hyndman. I'm very interested to connect with any Hyndman relatives and share information. I am in touch with Hyndmans in the US and the UK.

Please feel free to contact me.


Hi Marco,

I have always wanted to know more about Dr. P. J. Lobo's life (see my posts in this thread).  If there are biographical materials in English or Chinese, please do let me know.  I also wonder where I can find CD or electronic versions of his multiple 'Gems of the Orient' vinyl records that have tunes he composed.  Thank you!

Happy to help if I can. Kindly let me know who 'C' is. Thanks, Marco Lobo

Thank you, Marco.  I am not related to the Lobo and Hyndman families -- I am just very interested in the history of Hong Kong and Macao.  Perhaps we can discuss further via e-mail.  May I get your permission to obtain your e-mail address from David, owner of this web site?

Yes, certainly happy to share and learn. Best wishes, Marco

Hi Marco:   I also just discovered this site and this particular thread on the Hyndmans of Hong Kong and Macau.  I believe we we are related.  Your grandmother, Branca Hyndman is my grandmother's sister.  My grandmother's name is Maria da Assuncao Hyndman who married Verissimo Claudio Da Costa Goncalves.  I live in California outside Sacramento and there are many of the Hyndman's in Northern California.  

I have been doing extensive research into the Scottish side of my lineage---Hyndman--- and have traced the family back to it's roots in Scotland.  I found this site as I continued to refine my family tree.  In search of more information on Joanna Polair the first wife of Colonel Henry Hyndman of the HEIC, who is the gentleman that started this whole line in Asia.  

I would love to make contact and happy to share the family tree I have created and verified.  BTW, all of us with the Colonel's blood can be traced back to 1100 in Scotland.    

Look forward to hearing from you.  I just joined the group and not sure what the rules are about sharing emails.  


Francesca Goncalves-Sequeira Loftis


Hey Francesca My Great-grandmother was Elia Hyndman Batalha. Your comment is very interesting because I used to live in Perth, Scotland and my wife is from Falkirk. Do you know whereabouts Col Henry was from?

Hi Anthony:  Yes, I do.  Col. Henry Hyndman is the son of John Hyndman of Lunderston and Elizabeth Hunter the 4th child and eldest daughter of the 22nd Laird of Hunterston and Marion Craufurd. West Kilbride, Ayrshire, Scotland.  The Hyndman's of Lunderston is a very old family in the area and was granted land near Lunderston Bay, where there original estate and home was located.  John Hyndman was married twice.  His first wife was Sophia Campbell.  It was the children of the first wife who inherited the Lunderston Estate and they slowly sold it off with the largest portion being sold to the Shaw-Stewarts who were adjacent and it is all now part of the Ardgowan Estate that is still in the hands of the Shaw Stewarts.  John Hyndman's and Elizabeth Hunters ;children ended up with another family estate , Springside which was acquired by the eldest son Robert Hyndman who married Jean Boyd.  Their children all died with no children and the estate was then conveyed to Henry C. Hyndman the grandson of Colonel Henry Hyndman of the HEIC (who made a fortune in India/Bengal )  Henry C. Hyndman was the son of Sheriff Henry Hyndman the first Sheriff of the Huron district in Ontario Canada.  Henry C. Hyndman and his wife, children and mother returned to Springside, Ayrishire when he inherited the estate and after the death of the Sheriff.  The Colonel was married twice.  The descendents that ended up with Springside were from his second wife Sarah Blair.  The descendents that ended up in Macau/Hong Kong are from his first wife Joanna Polair, who is my mystery ancester that I am currently researching.  No record anywhere of her!!!??????  Anyone out there know anything???.

Phew...I am exhausted.  Sorry for the long winded response.  I could have just said, Aryshire but that would not have been as much fun.  By the way, John Hyndman is also a bit of a mystery.  He is listed as a sea master and merchent in Greenock.  Was one of the original partners of the Rope and sail manufacturing firm in Greenock and also had shares in the Greenock distillary.  Having a hard time nailing down 6x great grandfather John's endeavors and enterprises.

There are a lot of threads to the Hyndman tree, including the ones in England and Ireland.  Henry M. Hyndman, the socialist leader, has mentioned in one of his writings that he is related to the Colonel.  I wish I could find out more about the Colonel.  I think I could write a book.  


Wow! That is awesome. Thank you!

You're welcome.  If I run across Elia Hyndman I will let you know.  Here's a good site for searching for Scottish ancesters.  https://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/search-our-records


I just received this from William Angus, our historian.   This is what happened, at sea, to Col. Henry Hyndman.  
Lord Eldon Log Book.
    The entry for 4th November 1803 states that the ship was en-route from St. Helena to England and that at "Midnight departed this life Colonel Henry Hyndman at Noon committed his Body to the Deep with the usual Ceremony,"  The ship was employed by the East India Company and sailed under Captain J Sweete

Thank you very much!  I was aware that he had died at sea on the Lord Eldon and assumed that he was buried at sea.  I found the information in the records of the East India Company as transcribed by the FIBIS Database.  I assume that he must have died of illness or accident after determining that the ship arrived in Great Britain and did not get decommissioned for many years after.  

Besides the fact that the Colonel is my 4x great grandfather, he is a fascinating historical figure and I am continueing my search for more information and appreciate it very much that your historian and you have taken the time to assist me.  Please let me know if there is anything I can provide or if you and your historian would like any additional information that I uncover. Tracing the history of the Colonel's ancestors through the Scottish side has been less of a challenge then his life in Bengal, his first wife Joanna Polair and the two sons they had, one of who is Captain Henrique Hyndman of the East India Company in Singapore who eventually settled in Macau.  

Does your historian have direct acccess into the English East India Company records?  I have been advised that they kept very detailed records of their Company army and and navy personnel and even their families.  I am in California and am trying to do as much on line as I can but will have to go to England to really dig into these records, which are available to the public.  I am planning a trip to Scotland and will have to include this "side trip" of discovery to my intinary.

Thank you again and please convey my appreciation to your historian.

Best regards,

Francesca Goncalves, Sequeira Loftis.



As I thought would happen, Francesca, William Angus, who is also related to us, phoned me this morning.  He would love to have direct contact with you and exchange information.   Would you like to email me on belzm@aol.com and I will give you William's contact.   Be prepared to get a pile of stuff.   As I said, he spends time up in London and has Henry's original Will etc.   Let me know if you want that from me.    He sent me a copy too.  I am sure he will send it all to you, so I will not duplicate at this stage.

By the way, Joanna Polair (I did not check the spelling),  went to Macau with Henry.  We are not sure if they ever married, so we could be from illegitimate stock????   Anyway, my Mother remembered being told about a very dark skinned great grandmother.   Hence the dark skinned, dark eyed members of our family and the reason for the light haired, light skin and light blue/grey eyes of some of them.   Aunty Angela was a grey eyed lovely lady.   She now has a grand daughter in SF who knocked me over when I saw her.   She is exactly a duplicate.   Her siblings are both dark haired, dark eyed. 

I also checked with your first cousin Lourdes, married to Jeff, this morning and asked if you were one of Aunty Terry's children.   I remember her well and Uncle Chico, who was a body builder.   My sister and I used to visit you and your siblings on birthdays and have a great time.   You were all very small at the time, so I doubt you will remember us.

I am the light haired, light eyed one and my sister had olive skin and dark hair.  

What a strange world we live in.  So glad to have found you.


Dear Bella:  How exciting all this is  I will be emailing you directly.  I was just at Lourdes and Jeff's house for her birthday party.  I was a surprise guest.  I was actually at the Highland games in Pleasanton making contact on "Hunter" side (John Hyndman's wife was Elizabeth Hunter) and cousin Joao Goncalves (Lourdes's brother) told me that Lourdes and Jeff were just 5 minutes away and I should crash her party.  It was delightful,

Yes, please give William my contact info which I will be sending you shortly.

I am very excited to have found you and William as well,  BTW, they use to call Sheriff Henry Hyndman of the Huron District Canada son, Harry.  They were the children and grandchildren of the Colonel's second "legitimate??" wife Sarah.  Harry ultimately inherited the estate in Springside.  Also, my mom always talked about our light haired/light eyed cousines.  I am also in regular contact with Theresa Hyndman, Fred's wife...one of my favorite people who I adore,



Hi Francesca, and other Hyndman Clan members,

So happy to be in touch with you and share whatever information I have.

I can be contacted directly via email on marcolobo123 at yahoo dot com dot hk

Some good news is that my sister Isabel says she knows of a picture of grandmother Branca, and is trying to find did it up from my Dad's old stuff. Untl now, there is only one portrait that we know of, which is pretty strange because we have hundreds of pictures of family in Macau.

Feel free to get in touch, and thanks Francesca for reaching out. By the way, I guess you already know my other sibs in California? Branca, Orlando and Maria. Also, Roger in NY and Pedro in N Carolina.

I recently spoke to Uncle Orlando in the DC area.

Best wishes to you all,


Hi Marco.  I know of your siblings but don't recall meeting them  I am close to Lourdes and the rest of the Goncalves-Hyndman crew and I know Lou know all.  I grew up in Southern California and moved up north 20 years ago but growing up did not have a lot of contact with my very special northern cousins.  Also in touch with Teresa Hyndman who was married to Fred Hyndman and have met their children who live up here.    I will contact you on your private email and provide my personal contact info.  Very excited to meet everyone,





Anthony:  I found an Elia Hyndman in my family tree!  Not sure it is your great grandmother, but how many Elia Hyndmans are there???  Maybe?  If it is her, she is the daughter of Henrique Hyndman and Elia Putqueira Calado, the great grandson of Colonel Henry Hyndman and sister to my great grandfather, Henrique Hyndman, Jr.  

What do you think???



Marco:  Keep forgetting to mention that my grandfather, Verissimo Goncalves who was married to Maria Hyndman was best friends with Pedro Lobo.  The story is that he and Verissimo were in Indonesia when Verissimo met Maria Hyndman, who was there giving a piano concert.  I know they were best of friends, not sure about how authentic this story is.  But thought it was interesting,