Jardine House (3rd generation) [1957-1980]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Details from Emporis:

  • Storeys: 16
  • Architech: Palmer & Turner

Emporis also says it was completed in 1948, but I'll go with 1957. That's the year given in a Jardines anniversary publication, with the text "Old Jardine House in Pedder Street is replaced by new Jardine House."

Emporis also says it was demolished in 1968, but that seems unlikely given that Wheelock House didn't open until the early 1980s. I'll guess a demolition date as 1980.

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Some confusion still over the completion of this buildin g. Palmer & Turner website gives completion date as 1948. Photo here http://www.p-t-group.com/project_detail.php?t=y&sub=2&sub2=&id=390&lang=en

Yet legco records talk about the new Jardine House being built in 1957:

In regard to the first question, this has become a matter of urgency in view of the tremendous development taking place in the very limited area of Central district. To use a police parlance, from information received, I can state that the new Jardine House will be 16 floors high, Whiteaway's 16 storeys, Shell House about 16 floors and the Hong Kong Hotel site 19 floors. Such large buildings must increase the number of persons having offices therein. For instance, the old Jardine building which afforded office accommodation for about 300 persons, when rebuilt, will accommodate about 1,250. (Meeting of 20th March, 1957.)

I guess P&T are source of incorrect emporis date....