Temporary Library Section, Old City Hall [1933-1949]

Submitted by David on Mon, 09/06/2010 - 22:40
Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists
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Date closed / demolished

If you look at this Hedda Morrison photo from 1946, there's an ugly little building about where City Hall used to stand. I assumed it was somehow a piece of the old building that escaped the demolition, but have since found it was built seperately.

Note the strange cutout in nearest corner of the building? I think that's the shape of City Hall's East Wing. So the little building was built in the City Hall courtyard, and wrapped around the east wing of City Hall. Here's the article that describes it (China Mail, 1936-09-24 , pg 6):

The section which is now used as the public library will not be affected at present, the demolition plans providing only for the removal of the eastern and northern block. The library section is a new Structure erected by the bank when they moved into City Hall.

I'm guessing dates:

  • 1933 construction, when HSBC demolished the West wing of the old City Hall
  • 1948 demolition, in time for Bank of China to be built

Photos that show this Place