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Ventris Road Government Quarters [1927-1983]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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  There's definitely a similarity and one wonders if the architect was the same for both. Would be great to collar someone who lived in V.R. and get some detail of the internal layout and history. I'm very surprised that Ventris rd. is still standing. Certainly looks the same vintage as C.P.

from Legco meeting March 1926

HON. SIR HENRY POLLOCK, in reference to item 17, relating to the sum of $113,000 for Hongkong Buildings, Officers' Quarters in Ventris Road, asked for more information.

THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS explained that the money was required to complete the subordinate officers' block. The work was stopped last year when the building had been carried up to the ground floor. It had to be decided whether the contractor was to proceed or not, and ultimately it was decided to ask the Finance Committee to approve this expenditure as against a corresponding saving on another item in the Estimates for 1926.

 THE CHAIRMAN It was not economy really to leave buildings half finished.

HON. SIR HENRY POLLOCK enquired the total cost.

THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS said he had not the figures with him, but the amount was something like $150,000. The other work had been done on site preparation.

 HON. MR. LANGHow many houses does this provide?


HON. MR. LANGIt is a terrace of houses?


THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS said the total cost, including site formation, would be $280,000. HON. MR. LANG remarked that this was about $47,000 each, or, exclusive of site formation, $25,000, for terrace houses. It seemed to be out of proportion.

HON. MR. HOLYOAKHow many storeys have they?


THE CHAIRMANThese estimates were submitted to the Finance Committee last year and approved.


1930s Ventris Road Government Quarters