Yau Ma Ti / Mong Kok / Mong Kok East Railway Station [????- ]

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Mapping Hong Kong shows this as 'Yau Ma Ti Station' on maps dated 1924 and 1947. On these maps the small station building is a little further south than we expect today - if you project Mong Kok Road eastwards til you meet the railway line, the station building stood about there.

The 1964 map just shows "Sta.", then on the 1990 map it has its current name, Mong Kok Station.

When the MTR took over the KCR in 2007, it meant they had two stations named "Mong Kok Station". This station has since been renamed to "Mong Kok East Station".

Photos that show this Place


This is a picture of mongkok kcr station in the 1970s showing luen wan road which goes down from the station to Argyle street. Along the road on the left were the kcr staff quarters. There were a lot of hawkers selling goldfish too.

luen wan road  and mongkok train station1970s.png
luen wan road and mongkok train station1970s.png, by simtang


Another one taken in 1977

1977 mongkok kcr station.png
1977 mongkok kcr station.png, by simtang


The station was demolished around 1981 and the current new station was opened on 1982-5-4 according to following news report

1982-9-21 new mongkok kcr station open 5-4.png
1982-9-21 new mongkok kcr station open 5-4.png, by simtang



Mong Kok Station is a historical station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (English section). It has been replaced by the electrified Mong Kok Station (now Mong Kok East Station) after the original site was rebuilt.
Station history
Mong Kok Station was originally called "Yaumati Station" , which is the same location as Mong Kok East Station today. It was opened on October 1, 1910 with the opening of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (English section). At that time, it was an open-air station with two side platforms. Later on January 1, 1969, it was renamed "Mong Kok Station" at the suggestion of the resident Huang Mingzhou based on the correct name of the area, and the opening ceremony was held at 4:10 pm on the same day ( It was officiated by Lin Baohan, then director of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Bureau) and a tea party was held to celebrate the occasion. Later, some upper cover was added to part of the platform, so that passengers waiting for the train would be protected from the sun and rain.
In the early 1980s, the Kowloon-Canton Railway (British Section) underwent modernization and electrification projects. As the Mong Kok station failed to cope with the modernization project, it needed to be rebuilt. Mong Kok Station was relocated on August 17, 1980 to be located between Waterloo Road and Argyle Street (parallel to Yim Po Fong Street and Tai Ping Road (peace ave)). The platform of the temporary station was built of wood. The rebuilt electrified Mong Kok Station (now Mong Kok East Station) was opened on May 4, 1982 after they moved back to this original site.

(google translation of https://hkrail.fandom.com/wiki/%E6%97%BA%E8%A7%92%E8%BB%8A%E7%AB%99)

Captures from a 1963 Cantonese movie of the side of Mong Kok kcr station facing the street.


1963-mongkok-kcr-station-1, by simtang


1963-mongkok-kcr-station-2, by simtang