Hunter's, or possibly Huntsman's, Arms [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Hunter's, or possibly Huntsman's, Arms [????- ]

Noted on a road map circa 1960. May have been connected with pre-war Fanling Hunt. Position marked is approximate

Photos that show this place


You're right. This clipping from 1927 shows it was run by the Fanling Hunt:

The Fanling Hunt and The Hunter's Arms

I've moved the marker to be roughly where it is shown on Moddsey's map above.

Any guesses when it was closed? The last mention I can find of it in the newspapers is in The China Mail, 1937-11-19, reporting on the AGM of the Fanling Hunt and Race Club.

And is there anything left of it today, or any photos out there showing what it looked like?

There is a whole chapter on the Fanling Hunt in the book "At The Peak" by Paul Gillingham. Page153, Several pictures but none of the Hunter's Arms although it is mentioned