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15 Middle Gap Road [1990- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1990-10-01 (Day is approximate)

I read a short article recently that said:

Hong Kong government surveyors who proposed historic status for a rare Italian renaissance mansion were left embarrassed after it turned out the house was a copy of one demolished 20 years ago.

I wondered which house it was, and Annelise replied:

SCMP has the details: The mansion at 15 Middle Gap Road, Wan Chai, is owned by tycoon Michael Jebsen, who is chairman of Jebsen & Co. Jebsen

That reminded me I'd been for a walk along there recently, and noticed Jebsen's 'three fish' logo on an attractive building. I also thought it was an old one, so it's good to have that cleared up.


Hi there,

I guess we could settle for 1980 for this then?

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1980 it is - if anyone can give us a more accurate date, please leave a comment below.

Thanks, I've updated it to 1990 - even newer than we thought.

Regards, David