Queen's Statue Pier / Wharf [1895-1922]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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LegCo - 12TH JULY, 1904.

The Queen's Statue Pier is a temporary erection and is therefore properly served by a temporary shed.

Legco - 15 Sep 1910

$30,000 for a pier in substitution of what is commonly known as Queen's Statue Pier


Later place(s) at this location

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from "Queen's Statue Pier (zero-th Generation)" to "Queen's Statue Pier / Wharf", as Queen's Statue Wharf is used on contemporary maps.

Also added map, and guesses for dates based on:

  • 1900 - some time after the reclamation was completed
  • 1922 - some time before the initial phase of Queen's Pier was completed in 1923

The Hongkong Government Gazette 12th October 1895 refers:


It is hereby notified for the public information that the landing constructed on the Praya opposite Wardley Street will be available for passenger traffic on and after the 14th instant until further notice.

By Command, 
J. H. STEWART LOCKHART, Colonial Secretary. 
Colonial Secretary's Office, Hongkong, 11th October, 1895.