Queen's Statue Pier / Wharf [1900-1922]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists
Date completed
Date closed / demolished

LegCo - 12TH JULY, 1904.

The Queen's Statue Pier is a temporary erection and is therefore properly served by a temporary shed.

Legco - 15 Sep 1910

$30,000 for a pier in substitution of what is commonly known as Queen's Statue Pier


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from "Queen's Statue Pier (zero-th Generation)" to "Queen's Statue Pier / Wharf", as Queen's Statue Wharf is used on contemporary maps.

Also added map, and guesses for dates based on:

  • 1900 - some time after the reclamation was completed
  • 1922 - some time before the initial phase of Queen's Pier was completed in 1923