35 Nathan Road [????-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists

Location based on this 1957 book, which gives the location of the Cordial Co., Ltd. as 35, Nathan Road. It was on the corner of Peking & Nathan Roads

Dates to be filled in later.

Later place(s) at this location

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As mentioned in this comment on the European Houses on Hankow Road (1920/30's), a plan was published to build 40 houses within the block between Nathan, Peking, Hankow, and Haiphong Roads.

aerial view 1949-06-17 details
aerial view 1949-06-17 details, by Klaus

They are on Hankow Road,

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I think the houses (35 Nathan Road) below belong to this project as the stripes on the pillars all look the same.