8 Dec 1941, Report of the P.M.O. of the R.N. Hospital

Submitted by Alan Ho on Fri, 02/16/2024 - 17:11

On this day , all patients possible were discharged to duty . The remaining patients were transferred to No. 5 Ward on the ground floor . Gas masks were placed on bedside lockers , and each patient was given a wash - hand bowl as head protection and a mattress with which to cover himself during an air raid . 

The prepared organisation for receiving and dealing with casualties was finally checked . All casualties were to be received in No. 1 Ward where they would receive first aid and resuscitation . They would then be transferred either to No. 2 Theatre and thence to No. 5 Ward , or to No. 3 Ward direct . The latter ward was reserved for minor surgical cases and for all medical cases . 

The medical specialist was in charge of No. 1 Ward and was assisted by 1 nursing sister , 1 L.S.B.A. and 2 A.N.S. nurses . A surgeon lieutenant commander , R.N. , was in charge of No. 3 Ward , assisted by the same reception staff . 

The Principal Medical Officer , who also performed the duties of surgical specialist , was in charge of No. 5 Ward and the operating theatres and also directed passive defence and the general administration of the establishment . He had an operating theatre staff of 1 nursing sister , 2 A.N.S. nurses and 1 sick berth rating . The Matron of the hospital was in charge of officer patients and the general nursing organisation of the hospital as well as its catering . 

On this day 10 A.N.S. nurses were enrolled from the local voluntary organisation . 

A large supply of coal was ordered , as well as food and passive defence stores . 

Passive defence arrangements were finally completed during this day , the Chinese employees of the hospital being divided into parties under the direction of sick berth staff . Other Chinese employees were also sent from the R.N. Dockyard , Hong Kong . 

Blackout arrangements and lighting were in good working order , and continued to be so for some days . 

The 18 sick berth staff of the hospital were augmented by 3 R.A.F. medical orderlies .


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