Report of the P.M.O. of the Royal Naval Hospital, Hong Kong (1941-1945)

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Source : Report of the P.M.O. (pages 258-269)
  • Hugh Latimer CLEAVE [1910-2010]
  • The Principal Medical Officer (P.M.O.) of Hong Kong Royal Naval Hospital , 1941
  • After the war, he was appointed Surgeon to King George VI, where he served the King on HMS Vanguard. In 1961, he received the prestigious appointment of Honorary Surgeon to the Queen.
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On this day , all patients possible were discharged to duty . The remaining patients were transferred to No. 5 Ward on the ground floor . Gas masks were placed on bedside lockers , and each patient was given a wash - hand bowl as head protection and a mattress with which to cover himself during an air raid . 

The prepared organisation for receiving and dealing with…

Continued air-raid alarms caused much time to be wasted , and it was decided that the hospital staff must carry on work , under cover , on the ground floor . 

The hospital air - raid shelter was in the Pharmacist's Store . The walls were very thick , and the store was divided by two partitions with large shelves which were made into bunks and fitted with mattresses . At…

Food rationing was instituted on this day .