Photo (7): Baby Carriers

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Sketch 11 on the Illustrated London News (ILN) page , ‘Taking Care of Baby’, shows one aspect of local family life that visitors found fascinating, the cloth baby carriers. 

Baby carrier 0

They were a simple design, a cloth square with straps on the corners that tied across your chest. The straps aren’t clear to see in the ILN sketch – the babies seem to be hanging on to the peoples’ shoulders instead. I think it’s an example of the engraver being given something they hadn’t seen before, and not getting the engraving quite right. We get a much better view in the selection of early 20th-century photos and postcards shown below.

Baby carrier 1

The first photo shows a woman carrying a child, probably her first or her youngest child. As is often the case, the cloth square has an embroidered pattern. As is also often the case, the baby is asleep which means their head lolls back at an alarming angle. Still, it didn’t seem to cause any long term damage, so let’s hope they are enjoying the luxury of being carried around, as it wouldn’t last long.

In those days of large families with lots of siblings, they will soon be given the job of carrying a younger brother or sister, as shown in the other scenes. These two colour views are clearly from the same, pre-1911 (shaved forehead!) negative, but the two different postcard publishers have chosen their own colour scheme and background.

Baby carrier 2


Baby carrier 3

The last photo shows an urgent need of another cloth square, a hanky!

Baby carrier 4


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Can you help

Mr Richard C. Faithfull , a solicitor from London came to practice in Hong Kong December 1912. His legal practice was at 35 Queens Road Central. 

He was admitted to the bar to work in Hong Kong in 1912. . 

Would anyone have any information as to where I might be able to find a photograph of Faithfull or any information on his practice in 35 Queens Road Central. Was this a hotel or a commercial building.

If Faithfull was admitted as a solicitor would there be records of this in the the judicial system of that time.