Public Toilets of HK

Submitted by coastyHK on Sat, 05/20/2023 - 11:02

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I'm currently researching PUBLIC TOILETS/LATRINES of HK. I know the first public bath house was in Pound Lane in 1904, but does anybody know of older public toilets that are still around today? I know the Ice House Public toilets were built around 1902 and a latrine in Belcher's ST in 1901 but are there any Victorian ones still around? I've heard there used to be cast iron latrines dotted around the city, one on Battery Path, not sure if theres any sign of it now. Any helpful information would be much appreciated.

Not sure if you are aware but there are two underground public toilets that are still around. One is on Aberdeen Street adjacent to the Police Married Quarters and the other is at the junction of  Wellington Street and Queen's Road Central. The former is shut but the latter is still in operation.

As mentioned at:… , there used to be public toilets under Bird's Bridge in Sai Ying Pun.

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I remember there was one under Pottinger Street steps, between QRC & Stanley Street.  As far as I could recall it was still in use in the early 1980.  It had since bricked up and that whole section of Pottinger Street re-surfaced.