Tai Wo Hau estate [c.1961-c.1977]

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The first generation tai wo hau estate is called second type resettlement estate. First type has H-shape with two wings connected by a bridge in the middle. It appeared it the late 50s. Second type has 日 shape with 3 bridges between the two wings. It appeared in early 60s. The tai wo hau estate was built 1961-1962 and demolished 1977-1989. It was rebuilt as the second generation tai wo hau estate that exists today. The estate was bounded on 3 sides by the Tai Ha street and in the south by the Tai Wo Hau road.

Photos that show this Place



Air view in 1959 before tai wo hau estate was built. The Methodist church society built some one story temporary houses on the hillsides to help solving the housing crisis after 1949 due to the influx of immigrants from China. It is called the Asbury village which was completed in 1959. It western neighbor was the first generation C.C.C. Cheun Yuen second primary school.


1959-asbury-village, by simtang


Close up view of northern Asbury estate. Note that the southern village had very few houses

1959-asbury-village-1, by simtang


Most of the village was demolished as the government started to build the Kai Chung estate in 1960 which was completed in 1965.

Google map of the village. Northern village in red. Southern village in blue.

google map of asbury village location
google map of asbury village location, by simtang


Air view in 1961 when the Tai Wo Hau estate was built.

1961 asbury village
1961-asbury-village, by simtang


Tai Wo Hau estate on the right side of Tai Ha street in 1961

1961 tai wo hau estate
1961 tai wo hau estate, by simtang