Hung Hom Station (1st generation) [1910-1921]

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Temporary station on Chatham Road which opened with the start of the KCR in 1910. The Kowloon-Canton Railway Report for 1910 refers:

At Hung Hom a wooden structure has been constructed which will serve well enough until such time as events necessitate the building of a terminal station.

A photo of the station can be seen here.

The station was closed in 1921. The Kowloon-Canton Railway Report for 1921 refers

The old temporary station building at Hunghom was condemned, and an operating cabin of brickwork substituted, which provides only accommodation for the point levers for the sidings, and living rooms for the staff. This station is closed as a passenger station now but the marshalling sidings remain.

As replacement another station opened in 1921 with limited services. The 1921 Railway Report refers:

A Halt Station was opened at Ho Mun Tin, mile 2¼, where the local morning and evening trains call for the convenience of a new community which has lately settled at this point, and a temporary platform built of old sleepers was provided. This is not an ideal site for a station and will probably not be required when the road trams serve the neighbourhood, as is anticipated will be the case in the near future.

Remark: Couldn't find any hint for the exact location of this station.


Photos that show this Place



I'm not sure if the stop was converted to a depot, at least not the one you posted. A train station is always on the through tracks between start and destination. A train station is hardly located on sidings, this would mean reversing trains which takes too much time.  Therefore this depot cannot be a former train station.

From the above wiki:

In 1921, Ho Man Tin added a stop [17]. On September 15 of the same year[18], the Hung Hom Station was decommissioned as a passenger station and was subsequently demolished, but the area was later developed into a depot.

It never said the station was on a siding. It just talks about the area where the stop was located. In fact the siding was used exclusively by the Whampoa dockyard which ran through Baker street before entering the dockyard.. A good guess is that the station was near the Chatham road-Winslow street junction.