Japanese-type Letter Boxes in Hong Kong

Submitted by Aaron Yuen on Thu, 08/18/2022 - 16:35

As far as I know, the Japanese erected at least 2 Japanese-type letter boxes in Hong Kong.

According to South China Sunday Morning Post (10 April 1956), there was a Japanese letter box at the Junction of Dundas Street and Nathan Road. It was replaced in 1956.

South China Sunday Morning Post 1956 April 10
South China Sunday Morning Post 1956 April 10, by Aaron Yuen

And I found a picture taken in 1951, at the mentioned junction, I cannot see any letter box there. Maybe it was blocked by the building. [Update: that photo was of a different location.]

The second Japanese-type letter box I found in a newspaper article located in Kai Tak Airfield, was a wall box (The China Mail, 8 March 1949).

the China Mail 1949 03 08
the China Mail 1949 03 08, by Aaron Yuen

Unfortunately, there were still no pictures of those Japanese-type letter boxes. Do you guys have more pictures of the above locations or information about the Japanese-type letter boxes? Thank you for your help!

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