Reservoir, Yau Ma Tei [1895- ]

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A 'clearwater reservoir' is marked in this location (opposite the Pumping Station) on the 1896 and 1920 Kowloon maps.

The 1895 Public Works Report states: 

"99. Water Supply, Kowloon.--The works described in my report of the 30th of June, 1892, Sessional Paper No. 31/1892, with the addition of a reservoir at Hung Hom and a clear water tank at Yaumati, as suggested by Mr. OSBERT CHADWICK, C.M.G., to whom the project was referred, have been completed, with the exception of the Pumping Stations Buildings. These are, however, far advanced, and the laying of mains in Mongkok Tsui awaits the carrying out of the project for the continuation of Station Street, Yaumati.

100. The sources of supply are three valleys situated north of the village of Yaumati. In these, wells have been sunk, and puddle dams constructed across their outlets to prevent the escape of subsoil waters.

101. In the valleys exists a considerable depth of sandy deposit washed down from the hills, in this are laid open jointed pipes conducting the water to the wells.
From the wells the water is conveyed by cast iron inverted syphons laid along the roads constructed in connection with this project to the clear water tank at Yaumati from which it is pumped to the reservoir on the hill north of the Rifle Range and through the distributing mains to the reservoir at Hung Hom."