69 Robinson Road [????-1949]

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A large Chinese family mansion [張 儉 安 堂] on I.L. 705 - initially 35 Robinson Road, renumbered 69 Robinson Road in 1928.

Owner: CHEONG SUM-WOO [張 心 湖] alias CHEONG ON-LAN [張 安 欄], Merchant / Comprador / Developer of Chinese houses on I.L. 618 on On Lan Street (1914), Kowloon Bay Reclamation Scheme (1913) & Kai Tack Bund (c. 1920).

Entrance gate to original mansion remains on 69G Robinson Road to this day.

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Thanks for sharing this photo. Part of the remains of the buildings still existed (right next to the path to Manly Mansion) 

Stonehaven should be demolished before 1945? since the mansion on 69G was built before 1945?