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Buxey Lodge (1st Generation) - Caine Road [1876-1981]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Directory & Chronicle

1884 - Mody, H.N., Buxey Lodge, Caine Road.

1885 - Mody Mrs. H.N. Buxey Lodge Caine Road

In 1909, Mody bought a new house, then called "New Lands" on Conduit Road. In May 1910, having spent some months living at the King Edward Hotel in a suite of private apartments, he moved into the new Buxey Lodge.

The house was sold in 1912 to Pung Young Wo.

It survived until the 1985 - when it was replaced by Albron Court.

Photos that show this place


I see from this excellent information that Buxey Lodge was originally No 31 Caine Road.

I think my great grandfather and family lived at 33 Caine Road in 1905. Has anybody got information or pictures of this house?

Check out the new "place" Forest Lodge. Liz Chater's comments suggest she has a picture of Forest Lodge.  It and Buxey Lodge in Caine Rd are the same shape on the 1901 map.

Sorry no photo of Forest Lodge.......but it the plot was identical then maybe the houses were too, in which case the photo above will be what you're after. :)


Here is the research done by the PRO of the two Buxey Lodges:



China Mail 18 May 1909

1909 Buxey Lodge - Caine Road


It stood on IL94, at the northwest corner of the Caine Road / Aberdeen Street junction.


Some furniture of the mansion including a huge stain glass door, blackwood table, side table and chairs can be found in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (donated by Mr Ronald C Y Poon).