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Kai Tak

I did my national service as an airframe mech. at KaiTak in about 1954. We serviced 28 sqnd Vampires and then Venoms. I have fond memories of my time there, I also have a number of photos showing the inside of the RAF hanger as well as the  aircraft we serviced. I was there when the last Sunderland flew in that area. If any one is interested I could put a few pics on this site.



We are very interested in your photos !


Here's a guide on how to upload photos. Let us know if you have any questions.

Regards, David

You will have to wait a while for my pics as I need a new scanner.

After so many years in service and after so many millions of landings and taking offs at Kai Tak Airport, it must be a miracle that no aircraft had ever crashed into one of those heavily inhabited government housing projects in Wong Tai Sin area.  It was really a hair rasing moment when watching a 747 landing almost on the roof of one of those estates.  How could that be done so many times a day and for so many years without any serious accident?  Amazing!