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Old Locations

I would like to identify the Inland Lot number of the address 15 Pok Fu Lam, which was a cottage owned by my great-great grandfather in the 1860s, as I would like to identify the location and would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.


Also, there was an area originally known as Praya East on Hong Kong island and I would be interested if anyone knows where it was located. I believe it could have been on what is now Hennessy road, probably between Burrows street and maybe as far east as Morrison Hill road. 


For the Pokfulam residence - It would be helpful to provide a name for your great great grandfather as many of the original properties in the area were known by names rather than numbers.

Praya East was the waterfront street that ran from Arsenal Street in the west to East Point, ending roughly where Lee Garden Road meets Hennessy Road - roughly todays Johnston/Hennessy Roads. It was a busy industrial commercial area with hundreds of properties - more information would be required if you were looking for a specific house/business

Thanks for responding and identifying the location of Praya East. Regarding the Pok Fu Lam property, my great great grandfather's name was John Heard, but the property could have been in the name of any of his three borthers, Augustine, Albert or George or in their company name, Augustine Heard and Company.