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Adao Maria de Lourdes SOARES [????-????]

Adao Maria de Lourdes

Married to Inez Bontain DaRosa.



He appears on the Jurors Lists for many years, first as an employee of Lane Crawford.


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Assistant Lane Crawford & Co.     Praya Central

The next year he joined his father's business:


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Broker Soares & Co.     5 Robinson Road

After a gap of a few years, he's back again, at a new address ...


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Merchant       24 Robinson Road


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Merchant Soares & Co   Villa Branca   Robinson Road


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Merchant Soares & Co   Bemfica   Robinson Road

Another gap, then ...


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Merchant Soares & Co     9 Robinson Road


c Soares Adao Maria de Lourdes Merchant Soares & Co     12 Peak Road

A longer gap, then when he returns he is a Special Juror, instead of the more usual Common Juror.


s Soares Adao Maria Lourdes Merchant



Exchange Buildings  


s   Soares Adao Maria Lourdes Merchant

That's as far as we go, as the list for 1938 is still being typed!

I just check the book Twentieth Century Impressions of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Other Treay Ports of China by Arnhold Wright dated 1908 - the section under European Business Community there is a paragraph on a company named Soares & Co founded by Mr. A. F. J. Soares and it reads as follows:

"Twenty years ago the thriving firm of Messrs Soares & Co was founded by Mr. A. F. J. Soares, who, devoting his energies at the start to real estate business, soon afterwards saw the possibilities of assisting in the development of China trade. So successsful were his efforts that the firm now does very extensive business in rice, besides being a larger exporter of general Chinese products to Europe, Aftrica, and all parts of North and South America. Mr Soares, who recently retired from active participation in the affairs of the firm, owns valuable blocks of land in the island and in the neighbouring peninsula of Kowloon. In addition to its own business, which is now (1908) conducted by Mr A. M. L. Soares, the only son of the founder, the firm represents the interests of several Macau capitalists.

Hope this adds to the history of Soares family in HK.

Thanks for the extra info. I'd written above that AML Soares started his own company in 1900, but this new information shows he was joining his father's company. I've corrected the comment, and made a page for his father.

His name and family history, children and parents and back to his 3x great grandparents, is in the Macanese Library website.  Not sure if you are a member but you can join.  Here's the link.  There is also a picture of him,  You should also contact Robert Leitao who has a very extensive and accurate Macanese Tree on




Hongkong, Nov. 16.

Mrs. Dorothy Soares was to-day granted a decree nisi from Mr. A.M.L. Soares, a barrister known in Hongkong and Shanghai on grounds of infidelity. This is the first divorce case in the history of Hongkong – Reuter.”

Source: The North China Daily News, page 10, 17th November 1934


Robert is a wonderful source of Macanese history, and like many Macanese, a very distant cousin.

Who posted this? A Soares relation?

A footnote is that Dorothy Soares left H K , never to return, and settled in Ontario Canada. "Baby" (the nick name for their child) grew up never knowing the Soares family. .....a sad loss due to the infidelity of my Uncle.

I am a grandson of A M L Soares. My father, E M L Soares, was AML's youngest child.

Hi Mike,

Sorry for delay in reply. I'm not a Soares relation. I found the divorce snippet when looking for someone else in Shanghai and posted it here as an interesting piece of social history for Hong Kong given the claim of the 'first divorce' (I don't know if that is legally true). I realise I have posted it to the incorrect person as they both had the same initials. The A.M.L. Soares referred to in the Shanghai newspaper clipping was clearly Adao Maria's son Alfredo Maria de Lourdes Soares. But thanks for the extra information. 

Thank you!