Rectory of Rosary Church/Catholic Centre [c.1905- ]

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Probably at the same time as the church, a building was erected to serve as rectory. The place is still the same, originally it was on KIL 617. This lot was split and the lot of the church and the rectory was renamed KIL 4030. In 1964, it was renumbered again to be KIL 9350. Today it is on 125 Chatham Road South.

The rectory building was probably demolished in the early 1960s and replaced by today's Catholic Centre. This is supported by the fact that KIL 4030 was split into KIL 9350 and KIL 10553 in 1964. On KIL 10553 Winston Mansion was built (date of first occupation 9/1963).

Just a guess: the money from the land sale was used to build Catholic Centre.

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