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Iron works factory producing manhole covers

There is an interesting story about manhole covers (also called inspection covers) of Hong Kong, published at the free Chinese tabloid AM730 on last Wednesday, 27 October 2021. I’m amazed to know that they are still MADE IN HONG KONG.

For those who can read Chinese, you may read the full story via this link:

The report introduces Hop Fung Iron Works Ltd. (合豐鐵工廠) at Tong Yang San Tsuen in Yuen Long, founded over 50 years ago by Chan family, and is now managed by the founder’s son and grandnieces. The factory makes cast iron manhole covers and drainages pipes for many major infrastructural projects in Hong Kong, such as the new airport and Shatin-Central railway. Nowadays only five iron work factories survive in Hong Kong.

Mr Chan also unveils meaning of some codes casted on those manhole covers, such as a cover showing “D600” means it can stand a weight of 600kN. And the letters “H”, “M” and “L” show the grade of the products, respectively meaning “Heavy duty” ones for motorways, “Medium duty” usually for pavements, and “Light duty” one for planter.

The unpleasant news is that the factory’s clock is ticking. The land where the factory stands will be resumed by the government next year for the “northern New Territories development” recently announced. The financial compensation isn’t sufficient for them to set up elsewhere, which means they have no other choice but to close down the business.