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Motor Torpedo Boat / "Wind Thunder Boat"

The MTBs that operated in Hong Kong pre 1941 were known by the locals to be extremely noisy vessels. Their powerful engines could be heard for miles !

In his book "Escape from the Japanese" Lt. Cdr. Ralph Goodwin notes that he heard the MTBs start up in Aberdeen, to flee for China, 
from his bed in Queen Mary Hospital, some 4 kilometres away. He was injured and a patient there on December 25th, 1941, when the Colony surrendered.

He writes : -

Into the silence came a muffled throbbing roar, full of significance to me, for I knew that that came from the motors of the five surviving MTBs, tuning up for their last run. The sound faded and was gone. With it went my last link with the free world. I was a prisoner of the Japanese."

Hong Kong people familiar with the noise of the MTBs gave them the name  -

  •  風雷船
  •  Cantonese transliteration : Fung Loy Suen
  •  English : Wind Thunder Boat.