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John LIVESEY [????-????]



John Livesey was Superintendent of Gunpowder and then in charge of Police 

His three sons

William John Livesey (My Grandfather)

Charles Frederick Livesey 

Sydney Kennedy Livesey 

John Bower Livesey merchant of 14 Derby Road Southport Lancashire died 10 April 1908. Probate to Edward Livesey grain dealer and Charles Livesey mercantile agent.

Charles Frederick Livesey baptised St John's Hong Kong 18 April 1886 son of John Livesey and Harriet Stonecutters Island 


Thank you

Do you know any more Harriett Gott born 1858 


We will need to double check and work backwards.

John Livesey (father of Charles Frederick Livesey born 1885) and John Bower Livesey are two different people. It's possible the first John is the son of the second John Bower Livesey (yet to confirm as John Bower Livesey did have a son called John Livesey born 1848 [mother is Phyllis Ann] but junior's fate needs to be checked going forwards in time)

John Bower Livesey did have sons Charles (born 1863) and Edward (born 1862) (whose mother is Elizabeth) who were the sons granted probate of their father's Will in 1908

John Bower Livesey (Father of )

John Livesey

                                       (First Wife Harriet Gott - Buried Hong Kong cemetery)

                       Children - Sydney Kennedy (B. Hong Kong)

                                        William John (B. Hong Kong)

                                        Charles Frederick (B. Hong Kong)


                                        (Second wife Laura Maria Mooney Born Tamsin Formosa) 

                        Children - Herbert Henry (B. Hong Kong)

                                         Reginald George (B. Hong Kong) 

                                         Gertrude Tomkinson (B.Hong Kong)

                                         Rose Laura (B. Hong Kong)

                                         Peggy (B. Hong Kong)


I am searching Livesey & Gott (Goetz) and are there still any Livesey descendants in Hong Kong as I am in Australia.




He left nothing to his wife  because she detested?deserted? him and was living with someone else. He left nothing to his children because he had educated them and they were all earning a living. He left everything to Marie Olsen who he appointed as executrix

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