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Looking for 1970's photojournalist awards


My grandfather was a photojournalist in the 60's and 70's and worked for Ming Pao. His name is Ip Chiu Ding and he was one of the early employees and worked closely with Jing Yong (Louis Cha). Anyway, he once traveled to China and during the trip took pictures of pandas. It was a set of photos showing the pandas marching in for mealtime and one particular photo shows four of them sitting together looking like they are playing mahjong. This photo made the front page of the newspaper and won some photojournalist award.

Any advice on where or how I can search for this photo? He said it was an annual award and it may have been around 1972. The online old HK newspaper archives from HK Public Libraries site does not have any Ming Pao in the system. I live in the US so unable to visit any libraries there. Maybe some tips for searching online or for my next visit could help.



Hi Anthony,

Have you tried contacting Ming Pao to see if they have a photo archive, or can offer any other help?

If you'll be in Hong Kong at some point, you could also ask the HK Public Library if they have copies of the newspaper from the 1970s available to read on their microfilm readers: https://www.hkpl.gov.hk/en/ask-a-librarian/form.html

Good luck with your search,


Hi David,

I've taken your suggestions and reached out to both Ming Pao and the HK Library. I think I'd be lucky just to get a response from either.