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Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb & Museum [????- ]

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Open to the public. Introduction from their website:

The Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb was discovered in 1955 when the Government was levelling a hill slope at the Lei Cheng Uk Village for the construction of resettlement buildings. According to its structure, inscriptions on the tomb bricks and tomb finds, it is believed that the tomb was built in the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25 - 220). The tomb was declared as a gazetted monument in 1988 and is preserved permanently thereafter. Though it is closed to the public for conservation reasons, visitors can still have a glimpse of the interior of the tomb through the glass panel at the entrance passage.

The exhibition hall was built adjacent to the tomb. In addition to the display of pottery and bronze wares excavated from the tomb, there is an exhibition namely "Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb" on display. Texts, graphics, photos, maps, videos and models are used to introduce the geographical situation, discovery and structure of the tomb. "Trade Passages: A Pictorial Exhibition of the Silk Road in the Han Dynasty" is also on display. Visitors can have a better understanding of the explosion of trade in the Han dynasty.

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