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ODNER [????- ]


Has anyone anyinformation on a travel agency in the Peninsul Hotel whose proprietor was a lady surnamed Odner? Time line  1950s +


There's a company Odner Hotel Representatives Ltd that is mentioned in connection with making bookings for several hotels in Asia: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22odner+hotel+representatives%22&hotel_...

One mention suggests they are still in business, under the name Adat Sales Ltd.

My grandfather-in-law worked at a travel agency in the Peninsula in the 50s. He has since passed but his daugher has given the following bits of information:

1) She found a screenshot of the travel agency in an old movie (I believe "Soldier of Fortune") that she remembers as his place of work. The name shown is "Hong Kong Tours & Travel Service Ltd", though that could be a prop rather than the actual name.
2) He consistently referred to his boss as "the old man". She doesn't know the name. He never mentioned a woman.

My grandfather-in-law's name was Kenny Chow. 

peninsula travel agency.jpg
peninsula travel agency.jpg, by tinlok

This was actually a specially constructed studio set replica of the Peninsula Hotel lobby and was not the real location. It may have been based on the original though, hence the confusion.