Hong Kong's Ministry of Defence Lots listing

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Hong Kong's Ministry of Defence Lots listing - 【FCO 40/1872 M.O.D. Property】1985

MODL No.1 Gun Club Hill Barracks, Kowloon, 127 Austin Road

MODL No.2 Kennedy Road - Wireless Station site

MODL No.3 Cape Collinson - Military Cemetery ( W.D. Lot 68)

MODL No.4 Royal Navy Base - H.M.S. Tamar

MODL No.5 Royal Navy Ratings Quarters - Harcourt Place, Wong Nei Chong Road.

MODL No.6 Ho Man Tin Hill Road R.A.F. Officers' Married Quarters

MODL No.7 Mount Austin Mansion, Hong Kong(WDL 3)

MODL No.8 Stanley Fort, Hong Kong 

MODL No.12 So Kun Po, Hong Kong

MODL No.13 Royden Court

MODL No.14 Lyemun Barracks Hong Kong

MODL No.16 Wong Ma Kok Road Stanley

MODL No.17 Chung Hom Kok

MODL No.101 Coast Watching Station Lantau Island Tai-O ( Admiralty Lot 14)

MODL No.102 Dilla Corner Flat N.T.

MODL No.103 Gallipoli Lines N.T.

MODL No.104 Tam Mi Camp N.T.

MODL No.105 Cassino Lines N.T.

MODL No.109 Sek Kong Village N.T.

MODL No.118 School Site Kowloon Tsai

MODL No.119 Kowloon Tsai Md Qtrs

MODL No.121 Osborn Barracks Kowloon

MODL No.123 Lo Wu Range N.T.

MODL No.127 Tudor Court

MODL No.128 Blackdown Barracks, Kowloon

MODL No.131 1A Cornwall Street Kowloon