12 Queen's Road Central [????-c.1928]

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Number 12 was on the south side of Queen's Road Central. To its east was a lane separating it from number 10, while to its west was the adjacent building number 14, then Zetland Street. (Source: Plate 3-4, Mapping Hong Kong)

In 1903, number 12 was occupied by H. Price & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchants:

H. Price & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchants - 12 Queen's Road Central
H. Price & Co. Wine & Spirit Merchants - 12 Queen's Road Central, by Chinarail



In 1928 the site (including numbers 12 & 14) was sold by the Mission Etrangeres to the Industrial & Commercial Bank. "The old shop property, consisting of the Colonial Dispensary, the Tobacco Store and Messrs. Lazarus, was pulled down soon afterwards, and a site of over 8,000 square feet cleared." (Source: p.7, 1930-02-03, The Hong Kong Telegraph)

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