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The S.S. “STRATHMORE” is expected to leave for the UNITED KINGDOM during the first week of April.

It is anticipated that accommodation will be available for the undermentioned persons

Messrs W. E. Baker, A. A. Bremner, G. H. Gompertz, S. Harber, J. C. Kim, ,J. J. Krogh-Moe, Mr & Mrs B. C. K. Hawkins, Miss L. E. Heang, Mrs A. M. Jones, Dr J. B. Mackie, Mr & Mrs J. C. MacDouall, Mrs D. Munslow, Rev. R. Harris, Rev. J. McCarthy, Rev. H. O’Brien, Mr & Mrs E. W. C. Simmonds, Mr A. P. Tarbuck, Mr F. Tyndall, Mr H. C. Watson, Dr & Mrs K. C. Yeo, Miss D. Yeo, Miss W. Yeo, Mstr. R. Yeo, Mr P. Tester, Miss K. Huber, Mr A. E. Gerondal, Mr J. P. Waldron, Mr & Mrs J. Barrow, Mr. G. Boulton, Mr & Mrs C. W. Shearer, Messrs P. H. Scoones, T. J. Byrne, E. S. Brooks, W. Brown, S. F. Chubb, Mr & Mrs Colledge, Mr M M. Clark, Mr D. E. Clark, Mr A. G. Dalziel, Mr. & Mrs G. P. De Martin, Mr J. L. Farrar, Mr N. B. Fraser, Mr & Mrs F. D. Forster, Miss G. Hutchison, Mr & Mrs W. T. Jones, Mr S. Johnson, Mr & Mrs K. E. Jordan, Mr J. H. B. Lee, Dr E. W. Kirk, Mrs A. M. E. Matthews, Messrs R. McKenzie, R. H. Murray, F. G. Nigel, D. M. Pockson, A. Popple, R.P. Phillips, Mr & Mrs H. H. H. Priestley, Mrs A. Reynolds, Miss A. Reynolds, Messrs W. E. Rothwell, F. Short, A. J. Stephen, E. H. Symth, R. A. Wadeson, B. O. Andresen, P. F. X. Baldesberger, H. Bakkeren, C. J. De Schipper, O. Guttinger, Mr & Mrs R. Gunderseen, Mr & Mrs A. Karsten Larssen, Mr & Mrs W. Naef, Miss J. Y. Naef, Mstr. K. M. Naef, Mr E. Ott, Mr & Mrs R. Zindel, Miss I. Zindel, Mr H. Thorgersen, Mr & Mrs W. E. Hollands, Mr C. Hollands, Mr S. Hollands, Rev, A. Rossello, Rev. J. Guaroni, Messrs M. I. De Ville, E. Roth, F. Su San, P. Wong Chung Ngar, John Lim, Chong Kai Tuan, Chak Fuk Yat, Chan Suikay, Mrs C. M. Bird, Mr & Mrs G. Fish, Mr Cadol and two daughters, Mme J. T. E. A. Biau, Mr & Mrs R. W. Bateman, Mrs V. B. Brown, Messrs Yap Yik Hock, Ho Lang Tat, Shum Thai Wah, Leong Siew Loon, Tan Kong Yee, Chen Toon Yen, Chan Kee, C. T. M. Chen, Leong Chak Wah, Ko Hon Kwong, Mrs Low Po Cho, Miss Low Pei Kin, Mrs Chang Siew Hing, Miss Mary Wong, Miss C. Wong, Mrs Tan Poh Keng, Miss D. Tan, Mrs Chiapoh Tiang and two sons, Miss S. Brunner,


Lt. Wm. Stoker, Pte. & Mrs F. F. Duckworth, Mstr F. Duckworth, Sgt. & Mrs G. W. K. Crawford, Sgt. & Mrs B. W. Simmons, Capt. & Mrs A. N. Braude, Miss Braude, Mrs. H. J. Hunt, Pte. Kon Jiah Chong, Pte. Tan Boon Check, Pte. Lim Thiam Tet, Mrs J. P. Sorby, and F. W. Hollands.


18th March, 1946.

Published on p.11 of SCMP for 19 Mar 1946.

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