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Peak Service Reservoir [1897- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1897-12-01 (Day is approximate)

The completion of the project is mentioned in item 47.iv of the PWD's Annual report for 1897. I've highlighted the comment about the "roof formed of brick arching", which suggests it is similar in style to the service reservoir at Bishop's Hill, unless it has been rebuilt at some point.

(iv). Peak Service Reservoir:- This work was completed early in December. Hitherto the Hill District has been supplied from small iron tanks which only contained about one day's supply and, in the event of any serious breakdown of the pumping machinery or main, the whole district would have been deprived of water, other than that obtainable from wells, until the necessary repairs could be effected. The service reservoir now completed is capable of containing 409,000 gallons, equal to about 10 days supply for the present population. It is situated a little way below the Peak Signal Station, top water level being 1,751 feet above sea level, is covered over and is almost entirely below ground level. Cement concrete has been largely used in its construction, the walls being faced with rubble masonry, (for which an abundant supply of stone was obtained on the site), and the roof formed of brick arching built in cement mortarQuarters for an inspector have been constructed near the reservoir, and communication by telephone has been established with the Government system. 

Photos that show this place


The reservoir is possibly below the rectangular area shown here. Or the building next to it? See here and here

Hi David,

Good find in the old PWD Report. Thanks for making a place for this.

Hi Klaus,

Yes I think you are correct that it's the brown rectangle in the aerial shot. Confusingly, I seem to remember there is another, more modern and bigger, service reservoir nearby and I think it's that which is in the linked photos.

Andrew previously posted this great pic in which the old Reservoir is the flat, rectangular patch just to the left of centre.

R.A.F. Batty's 1958
R.A.F. Batty's 1958, by Andrew Suddaby

Daniel recently visited and took this pic looking across the top of the reservoir with Mount Kellett in the distance.

Terrace next to The Eyrie.jpg
Terrace next to The Eyrie.jpg, by danielwettling

It's open to the public, grassy, flat and with great views. Great spot for a picnic.