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Mystery fort and mini tunnel [????- ]

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The marker is for the fort/pillbox, whereas the mini tunnel is just below it.

It's composed of a mini tunnel, a part of wall which we often seen at pillboxes, then comes two thick walls that look like it's been built above a boulder at one end, and some bricks on the other end.

Not sure to whom do these ruins belong to, although the mini tunnel looks a bit like the one at PB411.

There are some indents on one of the thick walls, with a wide patterned band along the top of the two walls, I haven't seen this type of design before.

IMG_20210316_LammaYuenKokPB.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20210316_LammaYuenKokPB.jpg, by H.Lo

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This is probably a pillbox that was left behind during construction. This pillbox is similar to Mainland Pillboxes.

So it's a British one?

Is there any number assigned to it?

The photo of the pillbox.

Lamma Island pillbox

mini tunnel

main area