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Mystery fort and mini tunnel [????- ]

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The marker is for the fort/pillbox, whereas the mini tunnel is just below it.

It's composed of a mini tunnel, a part of wall which we often seen at pillboxes, then comes two thick walls that look like it's been built above a boulder at one end, and some bricks on the other end.

Not sure to whom do these ruins belong to, although the mini tunnel looks a bit like the one at PB411.

There are some indents on one of the thick walls, with a wide patterned band along the top of the two walls, I haven't seen this type of design before.

IMG_20210316_LammaYuenKokPB.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20210316_LammaYuenKokPB.jpg, by H.Lo

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This is probably a pillbox that was left behind during construction. This pillbox is similar to Mainland Pillboxes.

So it's a British one?

Is there any number assigned to it?

The photo of the pillbox.

Lamma Island pillbox

mini tunnel

main area


Sorry for the late response. This pillbox was probably not numbered due to it not being a "complete" pillbox. What I mean is that this pillbox was built over a Pre-colonial building due to the  Chinese style horizontal carvings on the rocks. The engineers of the pillbox just built the pillbox over the ruins and dug a tunnel right through the walls of the ruins. During the Battle of Hong Kong, this pillbox's crew probably withdrew to Aberdeen. Another piece of information that I will add is that the pillbox was probably leveled by the Aberdeen and Jubilee batteries which were trying to prevent the Japanese's Navy's amphibous invasion of Lamma Island. On a side note, the tunnel leading to the pillbox looks a little like a drainage tunnel and if this structure was a pillbox, then there wouldn't be any Vickers machine gun mounts, since the pillboxes without Vickers guns were usually not included in the defence maps.


Thanks for the extra info, but the tunnel isn't a small one, I could stand inside without having to bend much, so it didn't seem like a drainage one to me. I was wondering if it's connecting the one with the inscription bands and the ruin of the pillbox wall.