Japanese Tunnel Above Governers Walk near Two Gated Caves [c.1942- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Japanese Tunnel Above Governers Walk near Two Gated Caves [c.1942- ]

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c.1942-11-30 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

This is a small tunnel with two entrances above Governer's Walk below Victoria Peak Pagoda. It is located near the larger gated cave (Left): Gated Tunnel on Governors Walk, below Victoria Peak Pagoda. I was actually guessing that they might be connected, but it turned out the left branch of the gated cave is a dead end despite directing towards this tunnel.

The northwestern entrance seems a good observation site, given that the bushes are cleared out. After all, it has almost the same view as the lookout point slightly above the hill.

Not sure if it is truly made by the Japanese, would someone check it out?

Here are the markers showing the relative positions between tunnel entrances and the gated cave (the markers in the original post are wrong, they are north to the north branch of Governor's Walk).

TunnelsAndCavesGovernorsWalk.png, by Chen QIAO

Inside and outside views of the north entrance.

OutsideNorthEntranceJapTunnelAboveGovernersWalk.jpg, by Chen QIAO
InsideNorthEntranceJapTunnelAboveGovernersWalkLarge.jpg, by Chen QIAO

Inside and outside (both facing tunnel) views of the south entrance.

SouthEntranceJapTunnelAboveGovernersWalk.jpg, by Chen QIAO
SouthEntranceToInsideJapTunnelAboveGovernersWalk.jpg, by Chen QIAO

Inside tunnel facing north:

InsideJapTunnelAboveGovernersWalk.png, by Chen QIAO


I also explored the gated cave below this tunnel. Starting from the gate, you may find it turns left when reaching the end visible from the gate.

Here is the branching area:

BranchingInsideLargerGatedCaveGovernersWalk.png, by Chen QIAO

Left branch extends, and something unusual on the roof, can you find it?

LeftBranchLargerGatedCaveGovernersWalk.jpg, by Chen QIAO

Very curious about what they are used for, ceremony?

UnknownStuffInLargerGatedCaveOnGovernersWalk.png, by Chen QIAO

End of left branch.

EndOfLeftBranchLargerGatedCave GovernersWalk.png
EndOfLeftBranchLargerGatedCave GovernersWalk.png, by Chen QIAO

Photos that show this place


Who would have believed there's another tunnel up there. Cool discovery, will have to check it out some time!