Jardine's Lookout Tunnel SW slope [????- ]

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Current condition

This is a tunnel system believed to be built by the Japanese in WWII, i first visited it back in 2004

The Location and Getting There

It is to the south-west from the summit of Jardine's Lookout, next to a footpath which leads down to the two PB JLO1 and JLO2.

To get there i started from the AA site of HKVDC in Wong Ngai Chung Gap and followed the catch water towards JLO2. Took the stairs up JLO2 then continue pass the summer cottage, which passes a small tunnel mentioned here http://gwulo.com/node/2560

Continue on the path, cross the river leads you through a bamboo forrest, continue upwards the vegetation started to clear up. Follow the foot path further up until you see the vegetation started to dense up again, you will find the entrence to the right in the picture below. 

Entrence to Tunnel


You need to look down the area to the right, down 2m then turn towards the left to find the entrance. I was too excited and forgot too take a photo of the entrance. But here's a picture taken from inside, note the bricks used to renforce the entrance.


the opening is narrow, just enough for a person to crawl inside


Immediately after the entrance there's a side chamber to it's left, in fact there's a number of side chamber in this tunnel.

side chamber


Looking towards inside the tunnel

Level 1


This tunnel have multiple levels and openings, so here's a map for Level 1

Tunnel Map, Jardine's Lookout, Level 1

the foot-path lies above the tunnel


There's a lot of washed mud in the tunnel so most of the time i have to lean or crawl to get through. The three openings to the west were angled upwards which form a steep incline into the tunnel. All three openings ends up in thick undergrowth but it seems there's a trench line linking them up. Most interesting is opening number 1 where it leads to another entrance of a now very shallow tunnel.  

Opening No.1 , Jardine's Lookout Tunnel


 opening 1 from the main tunnel





Entrance to another tunnel



Entrance to the shallow tunnel opposite (not explored)








Back into the main tunnel further north there's a 4 way junction

4 way junction, Jardine's Lookout Tunnel


towards the left is another opening and towards the north it goes for another 15-20m until the mud was too high and can't get through. There's another opening to the left here. #3

Jardine's Lookout Tunnel


Towards the East about 10-15m there's a steep climb about 5 - 6m which leads upward to level 2 of the tunnel system.

Toward's Level 2


Up to Level 2

This pic looks upward towards level 2










From Level 2

This pic is taken from Level 2, note the side chamber opposite, and access from level 1 looks like a hole below

i have no idea how to get to the side chamber opposite


 Here's a map for Level 2

Map for Level 2, Jardine's Lookout Tunnel


Level 2 have only 2 openings/exits, one to the East and one to the West, the opening to the West ends up in the same undergrowth area like those down Level 1, the opening to the East face soth directly towards Hong Kong Parkview. This area is clear enough for one to navigate back to the foot path up above.  Towards the north there is an access to level 3, however i was alone and didn't manage to find enough foothold to push upward.  A buddy would be helpful here.

Opeing/Exit 4 (West)

West Exit


Access to Level 3

Access to Level 3


Portal Towards the North East (dead end) looking back

Towards the East, Level 2


The Exit to the East

Exit to the East, JLO Tunnel L2


Looking towards Parkview from exit

Looking towards Hong Kong Parkview


I've been to Level 3 before but only got faint memory it's narrow and seems leads to a dead-end.

For those who's planning to visit the tunnel be prepared to get very dirty. Here's a photo of my gear after finish exploring. Note : Entrance to Level 1 is to the right below those vegetation.

Tunnel Gear

Photos that show this Place


Thanks for documenting this so clearly - the maps are great.

I've only been in here once some years go. I wasn't able to get up to level three, so it's interesting to hear it is just a small dead-end.

This is one of the largest networks on Hong Kong - it would be very interesting to know what the Japanese planned to use it for.

Regards, David

Went there this last week.  Great stuff. Managed to get up to the 3rd level....There does appear to be a large alacove that is slightly caved in and had not been accessed in a while.

I want to go back with a spade and dig it out, see if I can find anything inside. Other accessed areas only revealled rusty remanants of old relics. 


GOPRO video coming soon...

Hey guys.. Went back a couple more times and got over 1 hour of go pro footage. Got it down to the best and made a concise clip compilation.


Visited level three again this weekend... You need a friend but it is do-able.

The tunnel is considerably more narrow, but this time I managed to make it to both ends. One end is a very small opening and comes up to a dead-end and a caved in exit.

But, the other comes to a mostly caved in entrance to a large room.. It is about 1 foot gap, so I had a peak inside and appears as another junction similar to that on the first level. High ceilings and large space with possible other tunnel splits.

I will go and dig out the entrance and make another trip next week.  It is very tight in there though.