Lot Number Marker Stone I.L.8122 (Chiu Yuen Eurasian Cemetery) [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Lot Number Marker Stone I.L.8122 (Chiu Yuen Eurasian Cemetery) [????- ]

Current condition: 

Stone of Lot number of Chiu Yuen Eurasian Cemetery. 

LotNumberMarkerStoneIL8122.jpg, by Chen QIAO

Nearby is the abandoned cemetery https://gwulo.com/node/14397, but failed to find the marker stone with engravings "義塚".

There, most tombstones have been washed up from the soil and lay on the ground. Here are some photos: The no. 229 tombstone is also seen in  https://gwulo.com/node/14397 .

But most of the numbers I encountered are small. That might be because I started from Mount Davis Path and searching downwards, where the numbering starts? May the deceased rest.

TombStone229.jpg, by Chen QIAO
TombStone230.jpg, by Chen QIAO
tombstone92.jpg, by Chen QIAO
TombStone143.jpg, by Chen QIAO