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Mystery items

Hello all,

Along with the Japanese dog tag pictured below, I also dug up two more items.  All found in the hills below Jardine's Lookout, Wong Nai Chong area.  Can anyone enlighten me as to what they are/what they were used for.  Thank you.

Japanese dog tag
Japanese dog tag, by bob
mystery object
mystery object, by bob
mystery object 2 side 1
mystery object 2 side 1, by bob
mystery object side 2
mystery object side 2, by bob





Very mysterious! No idea what they could be, unfortunately.

Were they all found together, or are they three individual finds?

Is the metal object with a chain solid or hollow? If hollow could be something used to snuff out a candle etc.

The other object could be an orange peeler.

All three items were found on Jardines lookout but not together,The spoon on a chain is curved at the flat end for scooping,Im thinking it was part of a condiment dispenser and was used for scattering salt on food.Was found just off the main road near Parkview along with buttons bullets and and a live mortar round from WW2! It's possible that it was discarded Japanese booty, or someone just lost it whilst having a picnic!

The metal object on the chain is chrome plated brass, not hollow.The other object is flat on one side as if it slides under something,maybe a hair / lapelle pin ?. Cheers.


From this one photo, I thought that it was bell-shaped. It would help to appreciate the real shape if you can photo it from a few angles.

This resembles a part of a hair tie back. My aunts had similar to these and held in place a decorative plate/saddle. The plate had a hole at each end, the stick passed thru the first hole and under the hair then up thru the second hole.

Purely a guess on my part but think the two items are a letter opener and a coin. In connection with the latter, I have a 1939 1 ANNA indian coin bearing the head of George VI King emperor with twelve 'lumpy' sides measuring 20mm across. Have also got a few six and eight sided british colonial coins of that vintage.


Item on the left is definitely a hair accessory. I have a few of them which I sent off to be auctioned, but there was no interest, so probably not worth much.

Don't know how accurate but seen one back in the day , also just look up Indian anna

If the object is Indian in origin then it could be the thing that used to scrape out marrow in a cooked bone broth

I may have misunderstood, but I just assumed the coin at the side (a HK 20c) was placed there to give the actual item some scale and wasn't needing identification itself.

Looks like a hair stick to me. Try google 銀髮簪 images you can see something similar.


Maybe I misunderstood too Phil, clarity of item on the right not the best in the two photographs so I assumed it needed identification as well, two preceeding items had either a gridded background or ruler for scale. The 1 ANNA coin I have would be about the size of a HK 20c piece but it's 'silvery' in colour, my recollection of the 20c coin was that it was brassy brown in colour so I didn't make the connection. 

The long silver mystery object in the final two pictues may have been a letter opener as already suggested;  however I wonder if it may have been used for pinning and holding the hair up?  The coin could be an Indian Anna or from Hong kong - both had coins with frilly edges like that.

Thanks to everyone for their input, Sorry for the confusion regarding the twenty cent coin,it was there for scale!. I believe object number 2 is a part of a hair clip and the other a tongue scraper. Thanks


The mystery object looks like a nail file?