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Orphanages 1900

Do you know which orphanages were open in Hong Kong in 1900? My grand mothe Elizabeth Alice Grimble and her 3 siblings were orphaned in 1900 when their father (Joseph Robert Grimble) died and we believe they entered an orphanage. We would therefore like to see if there are any records of them.


It might be worth applying to the Italian Canossian Convent. Other orphans mentioned on this site were educated there, including cousins of mine. The convent has wonderful records.

The Sisters of St Paul de Chartres also had an orphanage at this time. See here for example:

Also Patricia O'Sullivan (patricia on this site) has been digging around this area as research for her recent book. She may be able to offer more info.


Here are some other orphanages listed on Gwulo:


Thanks for the information