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Where was this wartime photo taken?

Tony Banham has posted an interesting Japanese wartime photo showing shot-up cars. He describes it as:

[...] I suspect the car is the more distant one – more like a staff car - in that well known photo from the Mainichi Shimbun. Tim Ko was kind enough to provide a copy. The hillock in the background looks to me like the spur off Mt Gough where the Japanese War Memorial was later built, in which case this is near the top of Magazine Gap Road. Anyone got ant better ideas?

Any suggestions for the location?

The photo is in the January 2010 section of his website (which is at the top of the page at the time of writing this).

11 Feb 2010 update: there's also a copy of the photo on page 4 of the Eddie Hyndman website.


It's a road running flat along a contour. May Road maybe? Or even higher at Barker Road?

I think it looks high enough to be Barker road, near the bend after the old hospital, there's still a lot of mountain going up from May Road.

Findly Path on the right ... driving away from the Barker Road Peak Tram station ?

Somewhere near Gweipo's guess (A) seems more likely:

If we were back at Findlay Road (B) we should see Plantation Road leading up to the right.


I suspect this is the photo of my father's staff car.  The attack happened on Magazine Gap Road.

I have put up a website with the story of what happened.  Please feel free to visit.


Tony Banham sent me the picture which is on page 4.


Belz, thanks for getting in touch, and for the extra information about this photo.

Was your father the Lt. George Palmer mentioned on your website?

Regards, David

Hi David:

Yes, Lt. G.T.Palmer was my father.  Eddie was my mother's second cousin, so I too am related to Eddie, though I do not remember him.

I do remember the incident though and how upset both my parents were.  If you click on the link on Eddie's  website, the one entitled "through my window" you will see my father amongst the pictures.  He is carrying me (as a baby).

Regards,  Belz

I took a walk along Barker Road, but couldn't find a place where I could match the old and new views.

I took a walk up Magazine Gap Road and today's view of Mount Cameron from the upper stretch of the road above May Road looks like where the original photo was taken.  However, dense foliage on the left hand side of the road  precludes a comparison photo being taken.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back on this site.  

The location of the photo was definitely somewhere along Magazine Gap Road, closer to the top.  My father pointed it out to us and told us what happened after the war.



2010 Magazine Gap Road