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Japanese tunnel on Quarry Bay Treewalk [c.1945- ]

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c.1945-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

This tunnel is near the Wartime Stoves on the Quarry bay 

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Would love some photos. Alot of good tunnels in the surrounding area.

I've passed this by before, but only recently decided to poke around inside a little. The tunnel is very obvious from the trail and, at first glance, looks to be a single chamber, but in fact there are a few tunnel branches to the rear. Didn't look at them all, so don't know how many or the exact layout. A huge "tunnel bug" cut short any further exploration, lol, but the branch going left apparently has a smallish exit at the end. Right-hand branch goes to a trash-filled chamber (dead end). Will need to go back again!


QB Tree Walk Japanese Tunnel - Main Entrance
Main entrance clearly visible from trail
QB Tree Walk Japanese Tunnel - Branch #1B
Left-hand branch, first right view
QB Tree Walk Japanese Tunnel - Branch #1A
Left-hand branch, straight ahead

There is more info/photos of this tunnel on the 'Japanese Tunnels' in HK tag map, in the comments section. I believe someone kicked in the sealed entrance :)

Actually, I saw that post and thought the broken seal to the main entranceway looks very similar, but I am not convinced it is the same tunnel.

They say that tunnel is on Hong Pak, but this one is not (same area, but different trail), and later when there are more interior shots of what is presumably the same "kicked-in" tunnel, it is definitely not the same one, as I recognise the discarded "II" trash from another tunnel that is indeed on Hong Pak (not II-related trash, imo, and still there after 10+ years!).

Fyi, there are no "home comforts" in the tree walk tunnel, and it is very surprisingly (given how obvious it is from the trail) not marked on the main Japanese tunnel map or more well documented on Gwulo. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I don't think so. 

I would have to go back and look at the post. I just remember the entrance seal (the material specifically) looking very similar to your photo. Maybe you are right though, since I also remember someone addressing the Hong Pak trail tunnel and having picutres of its caverns and such which I could differentiate.

I've added the japanese tunnel tag so that this appears on the map together with all the other tunnels.

I went back again to confirm the location by map, as the pointer looks wrong. Sure enough, the tunnel is a little bit before the first set of wartime stoves if walking from the direction of Mount Parker Road. Not sure how to correct this on the Gwulo map, however.

Also had a quick peek inside and amended my other post about the tunnel branches, as my recollection was off. Right-hand branch goes to a deadend chamber filled with junk. Left-hand branch looks longish and should have an exit at the end, plus there is at least one sub-branch on the right to more chambers, possibly tunnels (didn't fully explore).

First I recommend we check that we're all talking about the same tunnel - Lewis, please can you let us know if the photos that Kaptain Kitteh has added show the same tunnel you saw?

Then if they are the same, please could Kaptain Kitteh give us the GPS coordinates of the entrance, and we can update the marker.

Or if they're different we can split them to two separate Places.

The tunnel that I'm talking about is the same as the one that Kaptain Kitteh mentioned. Please send me the coordinates and I will change the  location marker.

Coordinates should be (more or less) 22.2780437N, 114.2105845E. Thanks! 

Thanks, I've updated the marker with the new coordinates: https://gwulo.com/node/53150?a=1#17/22.27810/114.21055/Map_by_Thunderfor...