John PRETTEJOHN [1915-1988]

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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong
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John Prettejohn Pte 2681 Wounded 19 Dec 1941 at Wong Nei Chong Gap.  Interned as POW at Shampshuipo, transported on Toyama Maru 1943 to Nagoya #2 Branch Camp (Narumi) working in locomotive factory.  Repatriated to HK after war.   DBS Senior Prefect 1934-35.  Reporter for SCMP to 1973.

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Full Name: John Percival Prettejohn

Father: Henry Edward Prettejohn

Mother: Hung Sheung Ying

Date of Birth: 14th April 1915

Birth town: Hong Kong

Nationality: British/Eurasian

Fate: Wounded 19th December 1941

Date of capture: 25th December 1941

Date of Liberation: 4th September 1945

Rank: Private

POW Camp: Shamshuipo

Other POW camps: Nagoya 2b

Camp Prisoner Number: 6322

Service Number: 2681

Duty Location: Hong Kong

Next of Kin: Mrs. W. Sinclair, 17 Waterloo Road, 1st Floor, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Service: British Army

Primary Unit: Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

Source: National Archive References WO392/25 and WO345/42. Information courtesy of Ron Bridges collection. The former internee died recently

Death: John Percival Prettejohn, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada 18th April 1988 Age 73


Mike, I have forwarded the images of your Dad's POW records to David Bellis, admin for who will forward them on to you.


Dear Mike,

I'm wondering if you are the Michael Prettejohn I know from Clearwater Bay, Kowloon. Your mother's name was Joan.

Our mothers had us around the same time and we grew up together; went to St Jude's together for a few years. I left for Australia in 1963 and we corresponded briefly.

Would appreciate a reply either way.




Yes, you've got the right person -from your post, I'm guessing you must be Michael Chow!  I remember you quite well and still have photos of times when our families got together.  Wow, its been a long time!  Glad we connected, wonders of the internet.  Hope you and family are well.  

Best Regards,


Dear Mike,

This is fantastic - glad to have found you after all these years! I've emailed David from Gwulo to pass on my email to you so hope it happens and we can continue to correspond. There's a lot of water under the bridge and a lot  to catch up on.

All the best to you and yours and hope this finds you in good health.

Your old friend,