Dent & Co. (West - Praya and Pedder) / Melcher's Building - ML 7 Sec C [1863-1889]

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Melcher's Building

Dent & Co. occupied three buildings on the corner of Pedder Street and Praya Central (the waterfront) where The Landmark complex is now situated.

After Dent collapsed in 1867, Melchers & Co, which began trading in Hong Kong in 1866, moved into the West portion of the 3 buildings on the Praya.

"One DWELLING HOUSE containing Five Rooms on the first Floor and Six Rooms on the Second Floor, with Bath Rooms, Kitchens, Out Offices, &c.&c, with Gas and Water laid on, and a Godown below, capable of holding about 2,000 tons."

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Only the Western portion of this building was demolished in 1889. The centre survived until at least 1903/04 and the easten part also survived longer.

There are places created already for the central portion: and the eastern portion: so I suggest renaming this to Dent & Co Building (2nd Generation) Western section