28 Mar 1945, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

28 Mar 1945, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

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Wed, 28 Mar 1945

There is not much to record except to say that we are making preparations in case there should be a landing here and food difficult to obtain during the first few days. I have taken charge of a tin of mutton per head and tins of seize biscuits equivalent to 38 biscuits per head also other biscuits are being made in camp, also I do a bit of cooking myself. I keep back part of my rice stew or fish and make up with the addition to rice flour a number of pancakes which I keep until the next day so that I'll always have something. Then from my last parcel I have a tin of steak and to do and a tin of calton pudding just in case of necessary. The cost of everything is very dear especially in the Black Market and to but some extras I have sold certain things. Of course the value of the Yen has depreciated so much that its value is now negligible.

The news is excellent and I feel sure that by this time Germany has packed in tho' we haven't been told that yet. The Japs are preparing junk holes or machine gun nests all along the coast covering the beaches in the event of an attack or a landing. It will avail them little when our lads really get cracking. Blasting into the rocks goes on night and day, nevertheless I feel that the Japs will fade out and not put up a fight here.