07 Mar 1945, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

07 Mar 1945, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

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Wed, 7 Mar 1945

The committee have me asked to continue the work I have been doing, but a change in name of office to Rations Officer instead of Quarter Masters. so that my work will be much as before and I'm also in charge of the distribution of parcels when they come in. I don't get any extra rations of course I wouldn't have accepted that in any case. I am now on bran, juice and nicotine acid as I'm very deficient in vitamins A and B and all the others as well.

The weather fortunately has become warmer and more pleasant Two postcards dated 21/9/44 and 11/7/44 arrived.

I have had a busy week of it with the distribution of parcels, which are just the 'lap sap' of the parcels which came by the Kamakara Maru at the end of 1942. It is very disappointing as we fully expected to get American parcels and bulk supplies but evidently there is none of that tho' there are some clothes and medical supplies. There are also some private parcels and I'm just the lucky one thanks to you Nell.

After I distributed the parcels one to each resident there was a terrible lot of blown and damaged stuff. All that had to be collected and listed and replacements obtained. These parcels were in terrible condition having either been in Hong Kong or Japan for over two years but nevertheless we are very grateful to get them. My parcel contained soap, tea, sugar, pasta, cloves, biscuits, carlton pudding, margarine, tomatoes, marmalade, condensed milk, bacon, steak, tapioca pudding and meat gelatine. Lords parcel similar to that we'd in November 1942.