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Rumsey Street Temporary Vehicular Ferry Pier [1960-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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from Hugh Farmer's website:

1960 - On  the 15th January a temporary auxiliary vehicular ferry service commenced between Rumsey Street/Jordan Road.
1965 - On the 8th March the Temporary Vehicular Ferry Service between Rumsey Street/Jordan Road was closed.

The ferry pier was a wooden gangplank that facilitated the loading/unloading of cars on a single deck vehicular ferry.

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The corresponding pier at the Kowloon side was Jordan Road Temporary Vehicular Ferry Pier [1960-????]

Phil, I found the Jordan Road Pier and the dates on the website already some time ago, but I had no idea where the Rumsey Street Pier might be located. Your discovery solved the problem. Thanks, Klaus 

Nice find Klaus, I hadn't even considered the fact that the corresponding Kowloon side was anything other than the normal ferry pier. The Jordan Road side seems to have been more substantial with a streel frame holding the ramp.